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Here are just a few of the accounts that depend on us to keep them up and running and who we’ve improved their productivity by upgrading their cranes.

        Western Steel and Supply– OSCAR ROSENKRATZ - 800 562-9740 – Installed new crane systems and upgraded original equipment.

Ryerson Steel - Scott Patterson - 206 624-2300 - We  removed all 5 step wound rotor controls and resistor grids and upgraded with Frequency Drives. All were Ederer.

Seaport Steel - Eric James or Mike Mandan - 206 343-0700 - Upgraded all Ederer Bridge Cranes with Frequency Drives, installed new 10 ton complete system.

        Specialty Metals - Daylan Brevik or Vic Kelly - 253 872-0424 - Upgraded push/pull Bridge Cranes with Frequency Drives , Radio Controls and motorized bridge travel with motorized tractors.

         Magnum Venus - Larry Greidanus - 253 854-2660 - Built new Bridge Crane with Frequency Drives and Radio Controls.

Harris Rebar - Todd Weishaupt - 253 272-4227 - Upgraded a 5 & 71/2 Ton Bridge Crane with Frequency Drives to double the speed on bridge and trolley to increase productivity.

Micron Industries - Mark Rames - 253 859-7704 x 474 - Installed new Crane systems, periodic service and repairs.

As well as Everette Steel, Standard Steel, Custon Steel,  McFabco Steel and Pacific Steel to name some others.

We have hundreds of other companies we take care of, everything from annual, quarterly or bi-annual inspections, installation of hoists, pendants, ropes, etc. and troubleshooting operation problems.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call. We’d be honored to serve you.

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