Our goal is to better serve our customers by responding quickly to your service needs to minimize your down time. Having three fully stocked service bucket trucks, four extending 35 feet and the other extending 42 feet enables us to service most cranes quickly and efficiently without additional lift rental fees to you. Being an independent provider of crane components, we recommend only what is best for your particular application.
Randy Coburn has over 30 years experience working on cranes, is a Master Electrician and Licensed Electrical Administrator. He has earned a reputation in the industry few can match. He’s not only an expert in crane repair and installation but is also on the cutting edge of  new and progressive crane technology.
Beginning in 1976 on Boeings crane crew as an A Electrician, he has spent everyday since honing his skills on cranes.
Because Randy saw the benefits of Frequency Drives 20 years ago and  has 20 years experience installing them, we specialize in upgrading any crane  with the use of frequency drives and Radio Control Systems.  Frequency Drives provide more control of your loads, making them safer, while maximizing productivity by increasing the speed of your cranes and providing variable low speeds. Variable speeds prolong the life of your crane by eliminating sudden starts and stops as well as giving you more control of your loads. Radio Controls enable you to stay clear of your loads and in conjunction with Frequency Drives provide the safest, most controled use of your Cranes.
Our expertise also includes W.I.S.H.A. and O.S.H.A. safety inspections, installation of hoists, trolleys, pendants, wire ropes, and other crane parts as well as general maintenance on your cranes. We also provide  parts and crane components at competitive prices.
We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service at reasonable rates. We look forward to being your full time, full service crane company. If you have any questions or are in need of service, please call us at 206 248-8146.
Thank you, Crane Technology Inc

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